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Through patience, empathy, and wisdom, I hold the knowledge necessary to work with the artistic mind of my clients; open or reveal the emotion of the stories they tell, and stand as the next generation of expertise in an ever-developing world of video entertainment and film as an art form. I seek to use these skills of past and present media history with my expertise in visual storytelling to assist my family and the larger Midwest in creating stories of meaning that influence and shift ideas in both ordinary life and the larger world.


Nicholas Sifuentes is a filmmaker specializing in color-correction/grading and data and asset management. He is regarded for bringing a tireless work ethic, alacrity, and a source of expertise and contemplation to each of his creative collaborations. As a native of the midwest and coming from a suburb of the city, Nick has seen the fantastic work that Chicago creatives have published and he wishes to help Chicago rebuild and grow its video industry while improving the city's communities as a whole.

In May 2020, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's in Filmmaking and shortly thereafter started working on freelance projects and begin a series of jobs with Periscope Post and Audio on television productions in Chicago with networks like FX, SHOWTIME, and HBO


- I need help finding other talented creatives for my project in Chicago. Can Nick help?

Yes! Nick is connected with a variety of young and passionate artists like himself ready to jump into your productions and put their skills to the test. Nick could easily recommend a dozen people to assist in the post-production phase such as sound designers, editors, and foley artists but also he knows a fair amount of people for the production phase if you are having a hard time finding someone to fit in a particular role for an upcoming production.

- How long will it take to color my project?

As it always does, it depends. It depends on the complexity, goals, and length of the project. It also depends on the type of project and what look you are going for. A 30 sec. to a minute commercial I could have a pass done in a day or two and ready for client notes. For something narrative, I'd prefer something closer to a full week with the project and your references to do a balance pass and construct the look you are going for.

- What does Nick do when not working on projects? 

Nick is a pretty avid reader and enjoys genres like nonfiction history, science fiction, and fantasy for personal enjoyment. He often goes to play various board games with friends and visits record/book stores in the city. Otherwise, he continuously researches new pockets of info relating to his work and keeps himself up to date with the latest tools and techniques. 

He is currently reading some of the old Arthurian Legends and delving into topics such as Server Management and Data Engineering.

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