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"The Christmas Pitch"

Narrative Indie Feature Film


Director: Layne Marie Williams
Producer: Fellicia Ferrera

Cinematographer: Dan Izui

ACs: Brian Delisi, Melissa Aldrich
Production Designer: Kerri Walsh
Editor: Brian Naughton

Assisstant Editor: Jello Thompson

1st AD: Stuart Elmore

2nd ADs: Ang Gardner, Dalton Devries
Data Wrangler: Nicholas Sifuentes


With this cheery independent feature from Quastar Entertainment, Nick had a great time handling and organizing all the footage into a rigid folder structure, backing up all data and reports, as well as providing an extra pair of hands and advice for post-production to our small crew. 

When two executives, Becca and William, at a big-time marketing firm in Chicago are sent to William's hometown of Kringle Lake to rediscover the spirit of Christmas - they begin to find it, and more, in one another.

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